Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life as a Cameraman - Webisode 3

Hey everyone! I'm excited because I will be graduating tommorow at 6pm! Finals are over and I'm excited! Other then that, here is webisode 3. In this webisode, I will show you one of the craziest videos I have caught on tape. Have you ever wondered how it feels if someone poured vodka in your eye?

Life as a Cameraman - Webisode 2

Welcome to Webisode 2 of Life as a Cameraman. In this webisode, I talk about one of the benefits of being a cameraman.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life as a Cameraman - Webisode 1

What is it like being a cameraman at the club? Watch me as I take you behind the camera and talk about certain things that happen filming at nightclubs.

My first blog - Lets talk about school.

School is over in about 2 weeks! I can't believe I am actually walking the stage. It has definitely been a rewarding learning experience and I enjoyed my stay here being a student at SJSU. The students and professors here in the JMC department are awesome. There couldn't have been a better major for me.

So this is it! The big transition that most Americans go through in life - college graduation. This is the transition from being a kid to a responsible adult. With time flying by so fast, I don't know how I truly feel. One part of me is super excited and glad that it's all over, while another part of me is scared. I'm about to enter the big world. Lets see what happens...